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Lefke, located in the northwestern part of Northern Cyprus, has a rich and fascinating history that dates back thousands of years. The town has been influenced by various civilizations and played a significant role in the region’s cultural and economic development.

In ancient times, Lefke was known as “Lefka” or “Leucosia” and was inhabited by the ancient Greeks. It was an important copper mining center, with mines in the nearby areas of Phoenikousa and Tamassos providing valuable resources. The copper from Lefke was highly sought after, and it played a crucial role in the economic prosperity of the region.

During the Byzantine period, Lefke continued to thrive as a prosperous town. The Byzantines constructed churches and monasteries in the area, leaving behind remarkable religious and architectural structures. The well-preserved Agia Paraskevi Church is one such example, showcasing the Byzantine architectural style and religious significance.

In the medieval era, Lefke came under the rule of the Lusignan dynasty, a Frankish noble family. The Lusignans fortified the town with defensive walls and built a castle, known as the Lefke Castle or Aphrodite’s Castle, overlooking the town. The castle played a crucial role in defending the area and served as a residence for the ruling nobility.

Lefke experienced significant changes during the Ottoman period, starting from the 16th century. The Ottoman Empire took control of the town and introduced architectural elements such as mosques, baths, and caravanserais. The town became an important trading center, facilitating commerce and cultural exchange between the Ottoman Empire and neighboring regions.

In more recent history, Lefke witnessed population shifts and cultural changes following the events of 1974 and the division of Cyprus. Today, Lefke is home to a mix of Turkish Cypriots and settlers from mainland Turkey.

Lefke’s rich history is evident in its architectural heritage, with remnants from various civilizations dotting the town. Visitors can explore the Lefke Castle, the Agia Paraskevi Church, and other historical sites, gaining insights into the town’s past.

With its intriguing historical background and remnants of ancient civilizations, Lefke offers a glimpse into the region’s vibrant past. The town’s historical sites and cultural heritage make it an interesting destination for history enthusiasts and those seeking to delve into the captivating history of Northern Cyprus.


Lefke, nestled in the northwest of Northern Cyprus, is not only known for its rich history but also for its stunning natural beauty. The town and its surrounding areas boast diverse landscapes that offer opportunities for outdoor activities and exploration.

One of the prominent natural features near Lefke is the Besparmak Mountain Range, also known as the Pentadaktylos Mountains. These mountains provide a picturesque backdrop to the town and offer breathtaking vistas. Hiking enthusiasts can enjoy various trails that wind through the mountain range, immersing themselves in the tranquility of nature and enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Lefke is also blessed with fertile agricultural lands and abundant citrus orchards. The region is known for its citrus fruits, including oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. Visitors can witness the vibrant citrus groves, especially during the blooming season when the fragrant blossoms paint the landscape with their beauty and fill the air with a sweet aroma.

The town is in close proximity to beautiful coastal areas, such as Gemikonağı and Yesilırmak. These areas offer stunning sandy beaches and clear blue waters, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying water sports. The beaches of Lefke provide a serene and picturesque setting for relaxation and leisure.

Nature enthusiasts can also explore the nearby Güzelyurt Salt Lake, a designated protected area. This lake is a significant stopover for migratory birds, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. Visitors can observe various bird species, including flamingos, herons, and ducks, as they rest and feed in the tranquil surroundings.

Lefke’s natural surroundings provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking, birdwatching, and beach exploration. The town’s combination of mountainous landscapes, fertile plains, and coastal beauty make it an appealing destination for nature lovers and those seeking to connect with the natural world.

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